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June 25, 2010

I'm seeing my father in me!! Craig really loves his daddy. He can't wait till daddy is home so they can play. I love these pictures. He is such a little man. 6/17/10

We had so much fun last Friday (6/18). Aunt Sunny, Antalya and Victoria are hear from London. Uncle Jason had to stay in London. We wish he could of come to. We couldn't wait to see them, so we asked them and grandma to come out to our house to play. Daddy, the boys and papa went to the fathers and sons camp-out (They had lots of fun camping). Grandma brought out pizza and some yummy cookies and ice cream. We had so much fun playing in the pool and in the toy room. We love having our cousins over.

One of the kids favorite things to do for daddy on Fathers Day, is to take him breakfast in bed! I think daddy likes it to!! 6/20/10

June 24, 2010

We wanted to help the kids earn money, and teach them to pay tithing. We let them each decorate a jar and we keep track of what they earn. They can earn $.05 to $.25 depending on the job. There is a $.05 fine for whining. We remind them 3 times to do a job, if they have not done it after the 3rd reminder they still have to do the job, but they don't get paid. Saturday they don't get paid for jobs, its a day of service and to help the family. We hope that this will help them not get to greedy or only do things so they can get paid. Sunday they can only earn money for good behavior at church. I know this probably sound crazy or extreme. So far it works pretty well. We have been doing it for about 12 days. The kids like it and hopefully they learn if you want something you might have to wait to buy it. Usually we will pay them on Saturdays so they can pay their tithing at the same time, but we did it for family night on Monday. They had so much fun. Daddy was the banker. He helped them figure out how much they needed to pay in tithing, and how much to put in checking and savings. They have glass piggy banks, that is their savings accounts ( they can't get into those unless they break them). We try to encourage them to put some money in saving, it's their choice. The boys wanted too, but they girls wanted to keep all their money in their checking (jar) account. I know it sounds silly, but its been fun.

June 12, 2010

Brittney, Aiden and Matt came to visit on Friday June 11th. We got our hair cut. We had fun playing with Aiden and his new Buzz Lighyear toy. Aiden had fun with our Woody toy, he even took him for a bath. We had lots of fun and were very sad when they had to go.

Kids play on 6/10/10:
We had fun today!! Rylee came over to play. We swam, played with Play Dough, played house and watch movies.

We started potty training Craig on Thursday the 10 of June .
He is doing really well with number 1, number 2 he still thinks that
is done best in his pants. He also likes to be silly and put his
underwear (poo free) and his pants on his head, he is very silly.

June 6, 2010

These are some cool pictures we took of Sunday night's storm.
June 6,2010

Brooklyn wanted to take pictures by herself these are her masterpieces.
She actually did a great job.
June 4, 2010